About Carter Boehm

A graduate of Montana State University, Carter Boehm is the owner and president of Ponderosa Film. Carter Boehm is also a co-developer of a multi-million dollar Yellowstone Film Ranch studio in Montana. Located in the heart of Pray, Montana, the Yellowstone Film Ranch is a real-life ranch where the popular TV series “Yellowstone” is filmed. The ranch is renowned for its functional backlot for a western town, acres of open space, and a large production office and studio. The 30-structure property lies on 2,500 acres of land surrounded by sagebrush and lots of green. It offers its inhabitants stunning views of mountains and hills. Some of the studio sets in the Yellowstone Film Ranch include a jail, a sheriff’s office, a church, a town hall, and a bank with an actual 1860s counter. With plenty of room to expand its sets, the film ranch’s production office also has a costume and prop shop and studio space containing cabins and a green screen. The owners sometimes rent some cabins to tourists when filming is not happening. Visitors to the ranch can go horseback riding, fishing, and hiking in the mountains around the studio.

In 2018, the film production company started working on a new business venture that involved building an 1880s Western-themed film set for the company to film some of their projects and also let out to other studios.

In 2019, Ponderosa Films produced its first movie, the critically-acclaimed historical drama Robert the Bruce, starring Anya Macfadyen and Stephen Murphy. In addition, the production company also executive produced the thriller Broken Ghost in 2017. In addition, the film production company has numerous upcoming feature and original films in the works, with one being labeled as a spiritual sequel to the popular movie Braveheart.

Production of ‘Rust’ Moving to Yellowstone Film Rancy

Carter Boehm’s property is being used to complete the filming of Rust, whose production in New Mexico was halted when a prop gun used by lead actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot Halyna Hutchins, the film’s cinematographer. As reported in the Hollywood Reporter, director Joel Souza accepted an invitation by the Yellowstone Film Ranch to continue filming there, and he lauded their “unwavering friendship and support” in forging a lasting cinematic partnership. He also drew attention to the unspoiled scenery of the region, and the fact that resumption of filming reflects the wishes of the family of Halyna Hutchins. The production honors her vision, while bringing Bianca Cline onboard to complete the filming. The production continues a tradition forged by Yellowstone Film Ranch movies in vehicles such as Nicolas Cage’s The Old Way.

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