Meet the Man Who Sold Over 3000 Homes in One Year

When you think of world records, you probably think of things like growing the biggest pumpkin or dancing for the longest amount of time. However, a real estate agent recently made his way into the famed Guinness Book of World Records.

This man, Ben Caballero, went down in record-breaking history for selling the most homes in one year. The number will blow your mind. It’s not 100 or even 200. The Addison, Texas local sold a whopping 3,556 homes in just one year.

Caballero set this record back in 2016, earning $1.44 billion in addition to his new status as a record-breaker. He credits his success to choosing to work exclusively with developers, rather than individual buyers.

Caballero was excited about his success, but it didn’t come as a surprise to him. Not only did he develop a foolproof plan of using a multiple listing service through which he could honor home requests quite quickly, but he looked into the Guinness process himself. At the time, he thought he might already have set a world record. When he found out how the process worked, he jumped right in, filling out paperwork and more so that he could get his name entered in this famous book and his great accomplishment recorded forever.

Caballero might even go for another world record, perhaps in another state, in the near future. While the Guinness Book of World Records makes people wait at least two years before applying for a new record, that just means Caballero has plenty of time to improve his game even further and perhaps even beat his own record.

And, when Caballero isn’t busy relishing his success as a record-setter, he likes to advise other realtors and home buyers too. His best advice for homebuyers, right now, is to consider buying new homes as opposed to old ones. While he admits newer homes may be more expensive, he points out that utility costs are typically much lower with a newer home, making them a smarter long-term investment. He also points out the much longer warranties that typically come with newer homes.

From his record-winning sales to his great advice, it’s clear that Caballero is an impressive guy, as well as a real role model for real estate agents everywhere. The only question is, what record will he set next?