About Carter Boehm

Early Career 

After completing a year at Montana State University, Boehm left the States on assignment in Africa to film wildlife. Upon returning to the US, Boehm joined the army while taking courses at the University of Maryland. This military training exposed Carter to some of the highest ranking leaders in the world. Carter Boehm rsz_carter_boehm_imagelearned that, “people are just people and everybody is approachable”. His Military experience strengthened Boehm’s sense of confidence over the three years that he spent with the US Army. By 1968, Boehm had graduated at the top of his class and earned a diploma from the Signal School for the successful completion of Audio Specialist Courses with the Army. At that time, audio specialists worked jobs in DC that required special secret clearance. It was through this specialization that Carter gained access to influential figures in the white house.

Movies and Promotions

At the end of Carter Boehm’s tenure in the US Army, he felt ready to jump into a new trade which required the same discipline and hard work that he enjoyed as a dedicated serviceman. Carter Boehm settled down in Washington and worked as a manager at a local movie theater. As a manager, he was not only responsible for overseeing the staff, but he also directed operations and worked as the theatre projectionist, a skill which was not too far off from what he learned working with his father as a child.

Carter continued working with neighborhood movie theaters in Richmond as the Head of Promotions. In this role, Carter enjoyed producing creative ways to generate publicity around the theater chain and was instrumental in promoting some of the most popular movies, which we now know to be cinema classics.

Movie Promotion Tactics (Benji/ Guinness World Records)

One of the most memorable promotions was attempting to break the Guinness World Record for lying on a bed of nails. Theater employee Ruth Marie Porter volunteered herself for the job and the whole stunt made national news.

Leading up to the premiere of the smash hit, “Benji”, Carter Boehm and the promotions team decided to heighten the visibility of the neighborhood theater by sneaking Benji into the White House and taking pictures. The plan was a success for all parties involved…except for White House Security Personnel.

Life On The Ranch

Outside of his fervor for land development and real estate, one of Carter Boehm’s self-described crowning achievements has been his work in rescuing horses. Carter resides on a picturesque ranch located on hundreds of  acres  in Montana. After the crushing blow of the recession in 2008, many residents in the area lost their homes and suffered severe economic consequences.

Due to this economic downturn, many residents were no longer able to afford excessive spending, and some cases this meant they could no longer afford to care for their horses.  Horses require a lot of care and resources, which meant that in 2008 many horses were in dire need of new owners. Carter decided to rescue these otherwise destitute horses and let them live on his ranch. Since 2008, Carter’s collection of “strays” has grown to over a hundred. Each horse is cared for, well-fed and free to roam designated expanses of his property. Carter Boehm couldn’t be happier to provide the proper care for these animals when their former owners were no longer able to.